Cost Example

A Service Visit by our Smoke Control Specialists need not be expensive. Here is an example of a job we did recently in central London.

The Building

The building is a seventeen storey office block in London, near to Aldgate Station. There are fifteen floor levels above ground and two basement Levels. There is one Pressurized Fire Fighting / Means of Escape Staircase serving all floor Levels that must be inspected and tested.

Due to the commercial nature of the building the client specified that the inspection and testing of the Pressurized Staircase System be carried out "outside of normal hours" i.e. a Saturday.

Before our Visit

Thorough preparation and submission of Risk Assessment, Method Statement, Insurance and all other necessary documentation. We did not ask for payment "up front".

Inspection and Test Visit

In the morning:

  • Travel to London early on Saturday, arriving at the building for 9:00am.
  • Receive a Site Induction as needed and complete all Health and Safety requirements.
  • Starting at the top of the building and working down, find and thoroughly inspect all components parts of the Staircase Pressurization System including the building fabric.
  • Determine the "Class" of Pressurizing System as defined by BS EN12101:6.
  • Test the Pressurization Fans using Local Switches. Test the alternative Electrical Supply. Check that both Duty and Standby Pressurization Fans are operational and that the Automatic Change Over System works correctly.
  • Examine the excess pressure relief system. Examine and test the Air / Smoke Release path arrangements.

In the afternoon:

  • Operate the Pressurization Fans and leave them running, whilst
  • Using special Instruments, Measure the Pressure developed in the Fire Escape Staircase and Fire Fighting Lift with all doors Closed. Measure the through door Air Velocities and needed Door Opening Forces at each Level of the Building.
  • Verify that activation of the building Fire Alarm causes the Pressurization System to Run.
  • Test the function of all Control Switches, Indicators and BMS Settings.
  • Sign out of the building just after 5:00pm.

After our Visit

Produce a comprehensive written report, complete with photographs and recommendations if any are needed. Issue a "Certificate of Conformity with the original Design Standard" when the system is known to be satisfactory.

Our fee to carry out all the above work was £795.

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