Servicing, Maintenance and Certification

Smoke Control Equipment only protects people and property when it's in full working order. Keeping your system in a satisfactory working condition is vital; it is also a requirement of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order; a Law.

In the event of a fire our work takes on vital importance. Fire related "Life Safety Systems" must work properly when needed; someone's life may depend on it. However, the quality of inspection, testing and maintenance is only as good as the people that carry it out.

For this reason we only have Engineers who are Competent, Experienced, Knowledgeable, Diligent, Qualified and above all, utterly Trustworthy. They solve all types of problems with Smoke Control Equipment and can supply and fit replacement parts where needed.

We issue a written report after every site visit; this highlights any defects found and suggests solutions. When the equipment is known to work in a satisfactory way, we issue a "Certificate of Conformity with the Standards". You should keep this with your records to show to the enforcing authorities if required.

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