Smoke Extraction and Smoke Ventilation Systems

The purpose of Smoke Ventilation and Extraction Systems is to remove deadly smoke from a fire within a building and to bring in fresh breathable air, thus preserving life!

Smoke Control Systems can have many different configurations which may include:

Smoke Ventilation

  • Head of Staircase Automatically Opening Vents (AOV)
  • Natural Vertical Smoke Shaft Systems
  • End of Corridor AOV's
  • Lift Lobby Smoke Ventilation Hatches and AOV Windows

Powered Smoke Extraction

  • Large Extraction Fan Systems and associated "fire rated" ductwork
  • Powered Vertical Smoke Shaft Risers
  • Smoke Blowing Systems for clearing corridors

Smoke Flushing Systems

Smoke Flushing Systems use both ventilation and extraction techniques for clearing corridors.

Car Park Fume and Smoke Extraction

Often linked to the Fire Alarm and usually controlled by Carbon Monoxide Sensors, these systems ensure that underground Car Parks are kept free of dangerous fumes and smoke.

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